Announcement Introducing A New Pricebreaks

PB_AdminNov 7, 2017

Introducing A New Pricebreaks

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    At PriceBreaks, we have been working for over six months to bring you a brand new and improved experience on our site on all of your devices. We stripped the system down to its bare bones and started rebuilding, piece by piece, to create the new site you see starting today. So what's new?

    A completely new experience
    Let's get the obvious bit out of the way first - we've completely redesigned the way the site looks. PriceBreaks is now cleaner, prettier and easier to use than ever. Our new visual language, the PriceBreaks Design Language to give it it's proper name, looks better and makes the site much easier to use. And make sure you say hi to our new friends that pop up around the site!

    Your new homepage: the Feed
    When you're logged in, you get your own homepage - your Feed. From here, you can get to deals we think you'll like, and easily get to the most common tasks you'll want to do on PriceBreaks, including entering the latest competition. Over time your Feed will get even better, introducing new powerful social features that we think you'll love.

    A brand new site on your phone
    We've redesigned PriceBreaks to put our users on mobile phones and tablets first - after all, that's what most of our members use. You'll get a great new experience on all your devices and platforms, but you'll definitely notice how much easier PriceBreaks is to use on the go.

    A much easier deal posting experience
    We know that our old deal posting flow was far from ideal. We've redesigned it to make it much easier and faster, so you can post your deals in half the time it would have taken before. It's all just copying and pasting!

    We've turned the speed dial up to 11 with the new PriceBreaks. We hope you'll notice that the site is much faster to load and use, particularly on your phone when you're out and about.
    But that's not all. We've got lots of exciting features planned down the road, like powerful new social features and rewards systems for our members. Stay tuned, but for now, we hope that you'll enjoy using the new PriceBreaks!

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