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    Yoga Mat Features

    • Claim your space and cushion your stretches with our made-to-fit 5'8" x 2' x 4mm mat
    • Perfect yoga poses with dual-sided textured surfaces made to grip, minimizing slipping
    • Gain a greater balanced workout with our non-toxic durable foam yoga mat
    • Easy lightweight size rolls-to-go, ideal for home, gym, hot or outdoor yoga, & more
    • Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty / 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed / Designed in USA

    Why Use A Yoga Mat?
    More than just a mat for yoga, our all purpose mat can be used for any type of high-intensity and low-impact exercises, or even if you’re sitting at an outdoor festival or just enjoying nature. Stress-free lightweight size makes it easy to workout anywhere, from home to the gym.

    Regardless of how much yoga experience you have, yoga mats are perfect for beginners and advanced practitioners alike for a complete workout.


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