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  1. Pauline Welker
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    Give your pet the comfort it deserves while going on its favorite walks!
    • Multiples sizes:
      • Small: 10-12" Neck, 13-16" Chest, 4-8 lb.
      • Medium:12-14" Neck, 16-22" Chest, 9-19 lb.
      • Large: 14-16" Neck, 18-24" Chest, 15-25 lb.
      • Extra large: 15-16" Neck, 21-28" Chest, 25-35 lb.
    • Many colors: Featuring Yellow, Green, Blue, Black, Red, Pink, & Purple.
    • Adjustable: The pet control harness utilizes adjustable straps for a customized fit, which tailors the harness to each pet.
    • Comfortable: Made out of a durable padded lightweight mesh material, allowing for constant airflow, which results in a comfortable, happy pet.
    • Easy on the neck: The harness is designed to reduce the tugging and pulling of traditional pet collars and decreases the strain that would normally be applied to the neck.
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$ 4.99
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