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  1. Pauline Welker
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    - Get your Hoverheart hoverboard self-balancing scooter now! -

    - Length: 6.5 inch -

    - LED light UL2272 certified RedMotor: 400 Watt -

    - Max Speed: 6-10 mph-

    - Built-in Bluetooth speaker -

    - Colors available: black, blue, gold, pink, green, and rose-gold -

    - Product eligible for Walmart Protection Plan (see website for more details) -

    88b88483-2f21-4c28-9e29-8e12cb541bee_1.4764174ba41adbc2a2ba23fa7aac822e.jpeg ac9c67e6-aa20-4cd7-a9f9-92f95df2d4a0_1.681367bc2d294f457e6a4a980896f749.jpeg
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$ 117.00
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